International conference presenting Bulgaria to the local business in Cagliari, Sardenia

event_sardenia_2011On the initiative of our Italian partners from the ‘’Tommasini and Martinelli’’ Law Firm, with the support of the Regional government and the Municipality of Sardinia Island, in Cagliary in September 2011 another international conference took place aiming at presenting Bulgaria to the local business. The Bulgarian participants were att. Veselina Blagoeva, the director of IC Partners Group Sofia – Mr. Ivan Palichev, prominent journalists, businessmen, historians, archeologists and restorers.

The organizers from Cagliary had set a goal for the event to develop the opportunities for commercial and cultural exchange between companies, enterprises and different institutions from both countries. As part of the Bulgarian delegation and participants we were welcomed with hospitality by the business representatives that showed great interest in developing joint projects, distribution of goods, cooperation in the field of tourism and cultural and historic sphere.

The Sardinian side presented companies working in the IT industry: software and hardware, organization of database, digitalization of archives, libraries, galleries; different technological companies: e.g. producers of waste water tests; company for design and building of helicopter pads; agriculture cooperatives and enterprises of the food industry, travel agencies and hotels.

We, on the other hand, together with our colleagues from IC Partners Group Sofia introduced the opportunities for establishing business in Bulgaria: legal forms and organization of companies, taxation, regime of foreign investments and other topics from the sociopolitical and cultural life. Our kind hosts were fascinated by the chance of paying a visit in turn and from a close distance to get familiar with the different aspects of collaboration that Bulgaria offers.