The Law Firm “Blagoeva, Gancheva and Strateva” is found by the attorneys Veselina Blagoeva, Mariya Gancheva and Demetra Strateva. It is entered in the Register of the Attorney’s Associations at the Sofia City Court on 4 August 2008. “Blagoeva, Gancheva and Strateva” is a member of the Sofia Bar Association.


CORPORATE CLIENTS – Our law firm has developed rich record of years-long corporate legal expertise and specialization in various law areas of practice. We offer high quality legal service in the fields of corporate and business law, contract law, investments, acquisitions & real estate law, commercial transactions and business operations, tax law, administrative law and procedural representation.

INTERNATIONAL PRACTICE – “Blagoeva, Gancheva and Strateva” works with international clients, primarily from Italy, which assisted us in gaining a lot of experience in European and International law. Our Law Firm has an office in Milan, Italy in partnership with Studiolegale Cislaghi Lessio Associati. We maintain long term cooperation with the International Law Firm “Tommasini and Martinelli” based in Lonigo (Vicenza), Italy. Together with our partners provide consultations, top quality legal services and assistance in other European States and countries of the Near East.

TRADITIONAL IN OUR RELATIONS – The relationship attorney-client is of a great importance for our profession. We are loyal to the traditional approach and truly dedicated to the goals of our clients. We remain with many of our clients since the establishment of their business. Together we continue walking the long paths of progress and development through every single stage.

NEW METHODS FOR DISPUTE RESOLUTION – We are constantly searching for diverse methods for resolution of legal conflicts, such as the Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods – mediation, arbitration and other out-of-court procedures.